Ohio Testing Samples For Uncommon Virus Sickening Children Across Midwest

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The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention will be testing samples from at least one Ohio children's hospital for an uncommon virus officials believe could be causing severe respiratory illnesses in children across the midwest.

The CDC said the Enterovirus EV-D68 is has sickened hundreds of children across more than 10 states.

Melanie Amato, the public information officer with the Ohio Health Department of Health, said the CDC is working with local health departments to provide information and lab results for any cases reported in Ohio. 

One symptom of D68 is difficulty breathing. The CDC said parents should seek immediate medical attention if their children exhibit this symptom. 

The CDC said in a conference call that asthmatic children and teens are most at risk to get EV-D68 and that parents should make sure their child's asthma is well under control. Parents are advised to stay away from over the counter medicines like aspirin to treat symptoms. Children should be given plenty of fluids and time to recover from respiratory illness symptoms.

Amato said illnesses similar to D68 often occur and are very common during summer and fall. 

The CDC said a total of 36 cases have been confirmed from Kansas City and Chicago.