Ohio Dems Propose Early Voting Plan After Ruling

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Democrats in the Ohio Senate say local boards of elections should have the flexibility to set their own early voting schedules following a federal court decision.

Last week, U.S. District Judge Peter Economus temporarily blocked an Ohio law that trims early voting and ordered the swing state's election chief to set an expanded voting schedule. The judge also barred Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted from preventing local elections boards from adopting additional early voting hours beyond his order.

Under the decision, early voting would start September 30th. The state is appealing the ruling.

Amidst the early voting controversy, the Athens County Board of Elections says it's rolling with the punches.

"When you work here you know every election is unique," board deputy director Penny Brooks said.

This year's November election fits that description. With 34 issues on the ballot in addition to the gubernatorial race, the November third election holds its weight in the swing state.

According to Brooks, the Athens County Board of Elections is split on opinions about early voting.

"It depends on who you talk to in here how everybody feels about the early voting," Brooks says. "As an office personnel and deputy director, you always look at money-wise. Yes it will cost less if we don't have the [early voting] hours, but you do what ever is put in front of you and get it done."

Although they are not certain about the voting schedule, Brooks says she feels her office is prepared and will receive a final word "hopefully soon."

Democratic senators said Tuesday they will introduce a bill that establishes minimum hours for early voting while giving local boards the chance to set times.

Husted has pushed for a uniform voting schedule across counties.