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63-year-old ex-deputy sheriff charged with 33-year old murder of colleague 

Mitchell Ruble – a former Washington County Sheriff’s deputy – was arrested on Tuesday for shooting and killing Deputy Lt. Ray Clark in 1981.

Road salt more expensive for this winter

The past harsh winter has exhausted salt sheds and mines in Ohio. The high demand has tripled last year’s salt price of around 35$ a ton, which induced the state to buy salt from an Indiana company.

Less people in Ohio without health insurance

According to the federal government the number of Ohioans without health insurance decreased by 47,000 during the past year. Reasons for this decline are an improving state economy and also in part the 2010 federal health-care law.

Landowners are allowed to strip-mine coal in eastern Ohio

In a Jefferson County case the state Supreme Court ruled that landowners who sold property to the state are allowed to strip-mine for coal on their property. The verdict concerned a 650-acre plot of land that contains more than $2 million in coal.

Afghan Journalist killed

Palwasha Tokhi working for Bayan Radio in Mazar-i-Sharif was stabbed by an unknown assassin, who pretended to deliver a wedding invitation to her house. She was the seventh journalist killed in Afghanistan this year, which is the highest number since the fall of the Taliban in 2001.

Ebola vaccine testing starts in Oxford

After tests in the US were already conducted in August, now 60 healthy volunteers in Great Britain are injected with a modification of a chimpanzee common cold virus. It is not able to trigger the cold or ebola. If the test are successfull the vaccine could be used by the end of the year.

US considering to ease restrictions on oil export

US officials are reconsidering the legitimacy of the ban on oil exports due to potential free-trade challenges from interested buyers such as South Korea and NATO allies. Among other consequences getting rid of the ban might result in increased gasoline price and might therefore incourage more fracking.