Annual Highway Report Ranks Ohio Highways 14th Overall

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The 2013 Annual Highway Report by Reason Foundation ranks Ohio 14th in the nation in highway performance and cost-effectiveness.

This ranking is up from 19th in 2011 and from 25th in 2009.

Ohio also received high rankings for road conditions, ranking 11th in rural arterial pavement condition and 18th in rural interstate pavement condition.

Considering Ohio is ranked 14th in urban interstate congestion and has the 9th largest state-controlled highway mileage, these road condition rankings are a success for the Ohio Department of Transportation.

However Ohio does rank 16th in fatality rate, 25th in deficient bridges and 29th in urban interstate pavement condition, leaving room for improvement regarding safety of the roads.

We reached out to the Ohio Department of Transportation but they were not available for comment.