Student Senate Treasurer Resigns, Calling Senate A ‘Circus’

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Ohio University’s Student Senate treasurer resigned from the organization at Wednesday’s meeting after saying it had turned into a “circus” in the aftermath of the controversy surrounding a video posted by its president.

Carter Phillips said he joined the organization to make a lasting impact on campus.  However, Phillips said the “body had not just stumbled, it has irredeemably managed to fall” in light of recent events.

Tensions have been high since the posting of a controversial pro-Palestinian/anti-Israeli video posted by President Megan Marzec, in which she called for the university to divest from Israel and then dumped a bucket of fake blood on herself.

Things boiled over during last week’s meeting and resulted in the arrest of four students — members of the group Bobcats for Israel – who tried to filibuster the meeting and called for Marzec’s resignation.

Ohio University Police beefed up security during last night’s meeting, checking bags and strictly enforcing the occupancy limit of 150 people.

“We'll basically be enforcing the rules and structure we feel are necessary to maintain a safe event," Chief Andrew Power said.

Senate members focused part of the meeting on one main goal: approachability. Many members said students not part of Senate and even themselves felt like they're ideas were being shut down. They aim to make students have more say in the organization.

Photos by Yi-Ke Peng