Judge Williams-Byers Explains Domestic Violence Issues

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Judge Williams-Byers Explains Domestic Violence Issues

Although the current spotlight has been on the National Football League (NFL) and domestic assaults perpetrated by its players, domestic violence is an all-too-often occurrence facing judges in Ohio.

It is something that Judge Gayle Williams-Byers sees almost every day as she sits in her Municipal Court room in South Euclid, outside of Cleveland.

Judge Williams-Byers talked with WOUB’s Tom Hodson about the issue.  She calls domestic violence an escalating problem which may start with menacing verbal threats, property damage or criminally abusive language and finally end with physical violence.

The judge believes that the earlier this progressive chain of escalating behaviors can be broken the greater the chances of stemming the domestic violence problem in a family.  She says, as a judge, she needs to get to the “root causes of the issue.”