New Website Compares Charter and Traditional Public Schools

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The Ohio Education Association (OEA) and Innovation Ohio announced the launch of new website that will compare charter schools and traditional public school districts. aggregates data to provide a detailed comparison of State Report Card information along with the amount of state money the schools receives, the percentage spent on classroom instruction, and the average number of years of teacher experience.

Becky Higgins, President of the OEA, says the website is a valuable tool, especially for parents.

“This website will have a huge impact on parents' decisions because you’re going to be informed and that is so necessary," she said. "They are going to see how to compare their district that they live in to the charter schools they might consider sending their child.”

Superintendent of the Lorain County Educational Service Center, Greg Ring, says transparency is vital when it comes to education.

"In my experience, there is far too little public understanding of how charter schools actually work, how they perform, or how they are funded," Ring said. "But without this knowledge, 'school choice' is a hollow and largely meaningless concept. By pulling back the curtain and presenting relevant information in an easy to use format, [the website] is providing an incredibly valuable public service."

The launch of this website is part of The Ohio Charter School Accountability Project, a joint venture of the OEA and Innovation Ohio.

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