Fetty Back As CFO Of Hocking College

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Just a few days after Ron Erickson resigned as president of Hocking College, the person he removed last month as the college’s chief financial office has been reinstated.

The college announced Monday afternoon that Gina Fetty is back as Hocking College’s vice president of financial services.

“We appreciate Gina’s dedication to Hocking College,” said interim President Myriah Davis in a news release. “She is a respected member of the Hocking College management team, and we value her continued leadership.”

Erickson had removed Fetty from the position last month, and a memo he wrote to the trustees attempting to justify that decision indicates there was some friction with some trustees over the issue.

Fetty was reassigned by Erickson on Sept. 22, according to college spokeswoman Laura Alloway, who at the time told The Messenger that the change was made because Erickson and Fetty had “a philosophically different perspective on the fiscal aspects of the institution.”

In the memo, dated Sept. 23 and sent to the college’s board of trustees, Erickson outlines his reasons for removing Fetty from the chief financial officer position.

Erickson states in the memo that after deciding to remove Fetty, he informed trustees Keith Taulbee, Andy Stone and Mike Brooks of his intensions. At the time, Taulbee was chairman, the position now held by Stone.

“Despite clear warnings from Trustees Brooks and Taulbee that my decision could lead to the non-renewal of my contract with the board, I carried out the termination with a firm conviction that it was in the best interest of the college, and that I was acting completely within the authority invested in me by the board of trustees.”

In the memo, Erickson alleged that Fetty had been “covertly reporting to board (of trustees) members misleading accusations about the professional performance and integrity of both the provost and me…”

Erickson asserted that Fetty has “unjustified contempt” for Provost Carl Bridges and that she “continued to display a persistent inability or unwillingness to adapt to a strong and effective provost.”

Erickson claimed that she allegedly was “unable or unwilling” to comply with Erickson’s directive that she implement a specific type of budgetary strategy, and he cited examples of what he claimed was her “inability or unwillingness to use good judgment or discretion.”

The memo asserted that Erickson took steps to try to resolve the conflicts with Fetty, but was unsuccessful.

Fetty could not be reached Monday afternoon for comment about the memo.

However, the news release the college issue Monday afternoon indicates Fetty’s reaction to being reinstated.

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to continue my service to Hocking College, as we face the fiscal challenges before us,” Fetty said.

She has been with Hocking College since April 2010 and has spent 29 years in higher education finance, according to the news release. She is a certified public accountant and has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Ohio University.

She will be presenting a revised budget to the Hocking College Board of Trustees incorporating the budget reduction strategy to be developed by a planning committee, according to the news release.