Former Hocking President Keeps Same Salary

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After his resignation last week, former Hocking College President Dr. Ron Erickson has a new title: special advisor to the chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Director of Marketing and Public Relations of Hocking College Laura Alloway says along with this new title comes a new set up responsibilities.

"Dr. Erickson is going to be working under the direction of the chairman of the Board of Trustees, Andy Stone," Alloway said. "He will be working on special projects on behalf of the board."

Erickson is also being surrounded by another new controversy. Despite his recent demotion, he will still be earning the same amount of money as he was during his presidency. Until April 30, 2015, Erickson is contracted to make $14,167 a month, ranking in the top two percent of Hocking College employees.

"That was a salary that was decided upon by Dr. Erickson and the Board of Trustees," Alloway said. " The position [and salary] were part of the discussion that Dr. Erickson and the Board has during the week between the regular board meeting and the special meeting."

Alloway "absolutely" admits that Erickson knew he would keep the same salary before he resigned. Considering the college has up to $4.7 million in debt, student Natalie Springle says she questions the use of the money.

"If the school is in debt that much and they want to continue paying him that much, then that's their choice," Springle said.

Soon, however, some of these decisions will be Springle's choice, as well. Alloway says students and community members will be directly involved in the selection of the next Hocking College President.

"We're going to first be taking input from them on what types of qualities should make up the next President of Hocking College," she said.

Springle, however, is concerned with that idea. "I don't think that's the smartest idea," she said. "A lot of students here don't really understand and they don't really know what is going on."

The open forums for the students and community members to speak to the Presidential candidates will take place in the next six months. Alloway says the goal is have the new President selected by the end of spring semester.