Wahama Overcomes Turnovers To Beat South Gallia 44-32

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It was a hard-hitting, muddy battle in Mason between two mid-level TVC-Hocking teams. Covered in the muck was Wahama quarterback Kaileb Sheets and running back Demitrius Serevicz, but dirty jerseys didn’t hold the dynamic duo back.

The two combined for 319 yards and six scores to propel Wahama to a 44-32 win, bringing its two-game losing streak to a halt.

The game began with the football flown in by helicopter and lightly tossed onto the field just in time for tip off.

Offense was difficult to come by through the first 12 minutes of play with South Gallia leading 6-0 going into the second quarter.

Despite fumbling once in both quarters, Wahama managed to storm back at the end of the second quarter. Wahama’s offense began to heat up and its flame just couldn’t be put out.

Sheets and Serevicz dominated from the second quarter on. After a 13-yard Sheets run down to the three-yard line, Serevicz punched it in to bring the score to 12-12. A late 22-yard Serevicz field goal put the score at 15-12 and gave Wahama the lead going into the half.  

After the homecoming King and Queen were announced, Wahama came out of the locker room prepared to light up the scoreboard and that’s exactly what the Falcons did. During the last 24 minutes of play, the Falcons racked up 29 points.

Wahama’s three turnovers, one interception and two lost fumbles, did not prevent the offense establishing a rhythm.

Although the Rebels did not overcome the score deficit, the special teams unit went out with a bang. South Gallia ran back two kick-off returns in the fourth quarter to make the count 44-32.

Wahama (5-3, 5-2) will conclude its conference schedule against Miller next week while South Gallia (4-4, 3-2) travels to Southern.