Arrests Statistics In For 40th Annual Halloween Block Party

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This weekend 72 people were arrested during the 40th annual Halloween block party.

Of the total arrests, 17 people were just cited and released. There were 26 Ohio University students arrested as well.

However, authorities are still looking for the person who shot a gun in the air three times on Court Street near the Skyview Apartments.

Ohio University graduate student and first time block party attender said the situation is somewhat nerve racking.

"Knowing it wouldn't be difficult to bring a gun on and potentially bring some serious harm and the amount of chaos that would ensue if someone did get shot, that's a little bit of a scary thought."

Evans and Co-Chairman of the Athens Clean and Safe Committee Jonathan Holmberg said they were pleased with how police officers on duty handled the situation.

“This why they’re there. To limit this kind of activity that goes on,” Holmberg said. “There’s a lot of things that happen on Halloween that don’t go to this level. I don’t know how many communities have to deal with festivals like this but these guys here in Athens have it down to a science."

Athens Police Chief Tom Pyle said that authorities have found the weapon they believe to be involved with the case and will possibly undergo fingerprint testing. Pyle said if the suspect is found, he is most likely facing charges of discharging a firearm toward an inhabitation.

"It'd be where a person is likely to be sleeping or is sleeping. Obviously there are apartments in all directions on Court Street so obviously discharging a firearm on Court Street is by default that kind of charge especially if you're just shooting into the air like that."

Pyle said if the investigation continues to turn up cold, it will most likely be turned over to crime solvers.