Tellebration Celebration in Athens

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Storytellers from around the world gathered at the Athens Public Library Thursday night to share their stories about the Appalachian region.

Tellebration Celebration is an annual event that takes place each year one week before Thanksgiving around the globe. This is the third time in five years the Athens Public Library has hosted it.

Amy King, the Coordinator of Enrichment and Outreach at the Athens Public Library, said these types of storytellers offer a completely different experience for their audience.

“When you have a child and a book, there’s a triangle going on between the reader, the child and the book,” she explained. “When you have a storyteller, it’s directly back and forth so it’s a real lively relationship.”

The storytellers focused their stories mainly on the Appalachian culture. Mike Kubisek, Treasurer of the Appalachia Ohio Storytellers Project and a storyteller himself, describes the Appalachian culture as one that is filled with proud people.

“It’s people that live close to the land and that aren’t defined by greath wealth, although the wealth comes in different ways,” he said. “The wealth comes in good food, friends, music and stories.”

Kubisek believes the Appalachian culture is misunderstood and has been looked down upon by most people, which is something he would like to see change.

“These stories are a real important part of the culture and history of the Appalachian people,” he said. It can’t be let die and the only way that it really works well is spoken or sung.”