Ki Charm John Kim
Ki Charm John Kim (photo: Majestic Galleries)

Sculpture Exhibit Opens Nov. 28 At Majestic Galleries

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Ki Charm John Kim, a west-coast transplant to Southeast Ohio, is opening a sculpture show on Friday, Nov. 28, 5:30-9:30 p.m. at Majestic Galleries in Nelsonville.

John Kim graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and has spent the better part of his professional career as a product designer.

Concurrent to his commercial work, Kim also pursues studio art and sculpture. His previous solo shows have been in Dallas and Los Angeles.

John Kim’s work is often described as tactile and organic. He is fascinated by forms that are inspired by nature and often explores seed and pod forms.

“I’m not a political artist or someone trying to express the pain in the world,” he explained. “I don’t want someone to ‘place’ me within the continuum of art-making as a ‘post-modern’ artist. Meaning, for me, has more to do with how people respond–viscerally–to my pieces and whether my ideas, however simple they are, find resolution and connection.”

John Kim’s show, entitled Autonomy vs. Shame, explores the tension between opposing wills or desires. His work is often done in triptych or groupings that investigate a fascination for intersections as well as “reveal/conceal” — how much visual information is necessary to make something understandable, yet open to interpretation.

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