Athens County Prosecuting Reports

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The Athens County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office released two cases each investigated by the Athens County Sheriff’s Office.

Jonathan Westerviller, 29, of Chauncey, Ohio entered plea changes of 1 count possessing criminal tools and 1 count of Theft.

In addition, Westerville entered a change of plea to 1 count of Receiving Stolen Property.

Michael Malcolm, 34, or Glouster, Ohio entered a change of plea to an indictment charging Aggravated Possession of Drugs for an incident which he was found to be in possession of Oxycodone pills that were not subscribed to him.

The Court sentenced Westerviller to a total term of 10 months in the state Penal System and upon his release to begin 5 years of community control.

In addition, upon his release from prison, Malcolm will be subject to an optional term of 3 years of mandatory post release control.

The Court sentenced Malcolm to a 7 month prison term and continues community control upon his release.

Additionally, upon his release Malcolm will be on 3 years of mandatory post release control and subject to a 6 month driver's license suspension.