The Ohio House Has Much To Consider Before Wrapping

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Bills legalizing consumer fireworks, providing confidentiality for lethal injection drug companies, and requiring parental permission for teen tanning are among those poised for final action as Ohio's two-year legislative session nears its end.

The most significant bill still requiring action is a landmark redistricting compromise between Republicans and Democrats. It cleared the Senate last week and the House must agree to that chamber's changes.

The House also is expected to concur on a measure beginning the process of rescinding Ohio's driving penalties for pot possession.

Opponents of the fireworks bill, including former Ohio Attorney General Betty Montgomery, plan to testify before the committee votes.

Also up for consideration is a bill that would shield the names of companies that provide the state with lethal injection drugs.

Supporters say such confidentiality is necessary to obtain supplies of the drugs, and the measure is needed to restart Ohio's executions. Opponents say it's naive to think the bill can truly protect companies' names from being revealed.

The bill is among several the House plans to vote on Wednesday as lawmakers finish work for the two-year legislative session. The Senate passed it last week.

A prosecutor has said he expects the bill to spur lawsuits, making it impossible to carry out the February execution of a condemned killer as planned.

Should the House approve the bill, it would go to Gov. John Kasich.