Turner Named Assistant Superintendent of Athens Board of DD

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Dr. Mary Alice Turner has been named assistant superintendent of the Athens County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

The agency’s board made the decision at last night’s meeting at Beacon School.

Turner is currently the principal at Beacon, a specialized educational facility for primary and elementary school students with disabilities.

The position was created by the agency board in response to ACBDD superintendent Eric Young announcing that he will step down after his contract ends in November 2016.

Young announced at the meeting that the board has issued him a performance improvement plan and promised to work with the board during a transition phase where a new superintendent will be sought by the agency.

She will receive an $80,000 salary for filling the assistant’s position and continuing to serve as principal.

Turner says she has the background to help move the agency forward despite the fact that she’ll have to learn about the other services that ACBDD provides, like PassionWorks Studio, Personnel Plus, and ATCO.

“I have two degrees in educational administration – leadership – that transcends more than one setting. I think that understanding how to lead, organize people, listen and create processes – that’s something that most folks don’t pay attention to.”