Dairy Queen Plans Dethroned in Nelsonville

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NELSONVILLE — A Lancaster businessman has dropped plans to reopen the Nelsonville Dairy Queen, but there are discussions taking place about a local restaurant moving there.

Boyd Warner, a 37-year operator of Dairy Queens, bought the Nelsonville building at the end of 2014 with the intent of reopening it as a Dairy Queen. The Messenger reported in April that the reopening was being delayed while Warner tried to resolve a dispute with Dairy Queen International about remodeling the building.

Warner told The Messenger in April that he had remodeled the restaurant based on information from a regional Dairy Queen representative, only to be told by Dairy Queen International that it did not meet new standards. According to Warner, Dairy Queen International wanted him to tear down the building and construct a new one, but he submitted plans for further changes that he hoped would resolve the issue.

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