Traffic box painting
An artist paints a traffic control box in Sydney, Australia. The Athens Municipal Arts Commission has launched its own traffic box art project. (

City of Athens Invites Artists to Think “Outside the Box”

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The Athens Municipal Arts Commission is ready to give the green light to some aspiring local artists.

The “Athens Art Outside the Box” project is seeking up to 10 designs to be applied onto vinyl wraps, which will cover traffic control boxes throughout Athens. Think of it as putting “the graphic at the traffic.”

The idea isn’t new, according to an AMAC press release. Several communities, including a few in Ohio, have taken the refrigerator-sized boxes and turned them into canvases.

In this case, the AMAC is looking for designs that are “uniquely Athens,” and are hoping to draw upon the deep pool of artists in the local community.

Artists will be selected by jury process, with each selected artist’s work to be displayed at one location. Works may be computer-designed images or scanned from illustrations, paintings, quilts, mosaic, photographed sculptures, photographs or other types of media.

Each selected work will be printed on to a vinyl wrap and applied to traffic boxes by the City of Athens, where it will stay for three to five years, depending on the condition. A $500 honorarium will be awarded for the use of each design.

Visit this link for an entry form. The deadline to enter is Sept. 4, 2015.