Sinfully Delicious Desserts

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There are times when a vanilla wafer or a graham cracker will satisfy that sweet craving. But, there are times when nothing but a calorie-packed, sinful dessert will do the trick. You know the kind of dessert that I’m talking about – the kind that makes your soul feel good. The kind of dessert that is gooey and sweet and leaves a taste on your tongue that doesn’t go away for hours. So, here’s a few ideas for when a sinful dessert is necessary.

Irish cream hot fudge cupcakes

A few years ago, I shared a brownie topped with irish cream and ice cream at a restaurant and it was positively fabulous. The rich flavors, added to a rich chocolate cupcake will cure any sweet craving you’re having.

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Kahluh-Chocolate-Cake-1-of-11Kahlua chocolate cake

Here’s another liquor-flavored dessert for when you’re feeling a little sassy. There’s a serious amount of chocolate in this cake, along with sour cream and other rich favors, so it may be necessary to cut the rich flavor with a little vanilla ice cream. Try it warm out of the oven with some ice cream to make it extra-specially sinful.

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white-chocolate-lasagna-1White chocolate lasagna

If white chocolate is your true love, here’s a ‘lasagna’ that will do the trick. Golden Oreos, sour cream, cool whip and vanilla pudding will give you a sweet treat that you’ll love.

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strawberry chimichangaStrawberry cheesecake chimichanga 

If your true love is cheesecake, here’s an interesting recipe that will turn some flour tortillas and filling into a deep fried, sweet treat. Cream cheese, strawberries deep fried and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar will give you an great after dinner treat.

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peanut_butter_cupPeanut butter cup lasagna

Peanut butter and chocolate! Need I say more? Put together in this no-bake casserole and you’ll be in heaven!

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