Students React To Controversy at Hocking College

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Students at Hocking College are upset that the administration did not communicate with them about the alleged rape incident that occurred on campus.

The allegation of rape is under investigation by the Athens County Prosecutor’s Office. The report filed with Hocking College Police Department states the woman had been sexually assaulted and five males were involved. Administration at Hocking College did not send any information to students about the alleged incident.

On Tuesday, a Hocking College spokesperson told WOUB that the investigation was “over,” despite the prosecutor’s statement that the investigation continued.

Steven Doyle, a second year student at Hocking College said, “Honestly, it makes me feel unsafe knowing that this stuff happens and the school doesn’t tell anyone about it.”

Another student, Lucas O’Brien said, “I’m ashamed and concerned about it because this happened days ago and people are just now figuring out what happened.”