Hocking College President Faces Protesters

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Hocking College protesters are demanding the resignation of Hocking College President Betty Young even after meeting with her Friday morning.

Protester Kevin Whited says Young didn’t answer their questions clearly.

“She’s very political. Half answers, vague answers, so we didn’t really get anything concrete,” Whited said.

Protesters say Young is to blame for the mishandling of a reported sexual assault of a female Hocking student and question why the campus community wasn’t notified of the incident.

Young claims she asked Prosecutor Keller Blackburn if she needed to send an alert regarding the sexual assault and he told her no.

“He said no you don’t need to because we didn’t have facts to charge. To the best of my knowledge I didn’t have something to report,” Young said.

Protestors are also upset over the recent firing of 13 instructors.

Young told the protesters she is willing to make things better at the school.