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Alexander Local Schools Plans to File Lawsuit Against Village of Albany

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The Alexander School Board has authorized the filing of lawsuit against the Village of Albany. The disagreement is over sanitary sewer system service for the new bus garage and wellness center being built.

School officials are giving the village until Tuesday to agree to connect the new bus garage and wellness center to the sewer system, do required inspections, and provide needed documents for a permit from the Ohio EPA.


Mayor Tim Kirkendall said the conditions can only be met if the property and wellness center are part of the village.

“We have an ordinance that says you can’t have a sewer tap outside the village unless you annex into the village, and they’re outside the village,” said Kirkendall. “They don’t want to annex into the village.”

Kirkendall said this is because if the system’s capacity is reached by providing service outside of the village, then the plant would have to expand to serve more people within the village.

School officials are meeting with village council on Monday at 7 p.m. to discuss the situation.