Local Catholics React to Pope’s Visit

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Local Catholics say they are excited about the Pope’s first visit to the United States during his papacy.

Pope Francis arrived Tuesday. He is on a six-day visit to the United States.

Earlier in the day, Pope Francis spoke at the White House, weighing in on issues such as climate change, Cuba, marriage and immigration.

The Pope will also visit New York and Philadelphia during his stay.

Local catholics say the Pope’s teachings of love and compassion speak to a younger generation of people.

“I think what’s different about this pope is that he chooses compassion over judgment in catholic teachings and I think that’s a lot different than from what people usually view the catholic church as.” said Jacob Welter, a member of The Ohio University Catholic Group formerly known as the Newman Group.

Local church members say the Pope’s visit creates an opportunity for Catholics to bond and come together.

“I hope that we can all really listen clearly and not just be looking for the pope to say one side or the other on something,” said Sharon Colvin the Parishioner at Christ the King Catholic Church. “He will really open our hearts and our minds to what he has to say, as he has a vision for the church.”