Ohio University Student Group Makes Demands

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The Student Union, and activist student group at Ohio University, has a long list of demands for President Roderick McDavis and a suspension of the Ohio University Survivor Advocacy Program (OUSAP) is at the top of the list.

This comes after the Ohio University Survivor Advocacy Program announced Monday director Delaney Anderson was accepting another position and would no longer serve as the director. Anderson was the only licensed and credentialed advocate at OU.

“If a woman is raped tonight and she needs someone to go to the hospital with her to advocate for her, get a rape kit or anything of that sort, there’s no resource like that for her,” Bobby Walker, a member of the Student Union said Friday.

Survivors of sexual assault and rape, relationship violence and stalking have been directed to other programs while the university searches for a new director. The program provided survivors a confidential place. Since Anderson’s departure, the program is not confidential.

“Right now they are going to do more harm than good if they report anyone who comes to them,” Walker said.

In addition to demanding the job posting for a director is put up immediately, the Student Union also wants a licensed and credentialed interim director appointed until the position if permanently filled.

OUSAP was not the only thing discussed during Friday’s meeting. The Student Union also talked with McDavis about endowment, transparency, divestment from fossil fuels, divestment from prisons, and more of the group’s campaigns. The Student Union regularly schedules meetings with President McDavis in an effort to work with the university.

In a release Monday, Ohio University said that they are actively searching for a licensed and credentialed director.