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“Journalism” Is a Versatile Degree According to E. W. Scripps Executives

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A media marketer and a hardcore reporter/editor both agree that “journalism” is one of my most versatile degrees that a student can receive from a college or university.

Kim Wildenmann, Digital Product Manager for Contests, Promotions, and Content Marketing for the Marketing Division of the E. W. Scripps Company and Mike Canan, Editor of told WOUB’s Tom Hodson that a journalism degree can be used in multiple and varied ways.

Both claim that there are more media jobs today than ever in history and that a degree in journalism allows one to easily traverse the changing landscape of media from reporting to marketing and promotions. It also enables a person to be adept at multiple forms of media.

Both said that in the past journalism was considered strictly storytelling and totally separate from the business side of media but today, those two sides have blurred somewhat. The business side of a media entity often works with the editorial side to produce special editions and special content.

Wildenmann has over two decades of experience in selling and marketing campaigns. Her specialty is developing unique ways for her clients to build their businesses through contests, promotions, sponsorships, partnerships and cause-related marketing.

She previously worked for Clear Channel, a media company owning numerous radio stations. She now works for the E. W. Scripps Company that owns 33 television stations and 34 radio stations nationwide.

Canan is a 2002 Ohio University graduate majoring in journalism. He was editor of The Post at Ohio University in 2001-2002.

Before coming to the WCPO in Cincinnati, Canan was a reporter and managing editor at the Scripps’ Treasure Coast Newspapers in Florida. He also spent time at the Scripps Howard Washington Bureau.

Canan now is head of digital news at WCPO, the first local TV station in the nation to have a digital subscription service.