State Issues Come To Voters, Meet Mixed Reaction

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Ohio citizens voted on three statewide issues, including Issue 3, which regards the legalization of marijuana. All three issues met mixed voting numbers.

The official results are in and beginning with Issue 1, 71 percent of Ohioans have voted yes. Issue 1 will amend Ohio’s constitution that creates a bipartisan redistricting commission. Now Ohio’s legislative redistricting policy is going to be rewritten in hopes of making the entire process of dividing the legislative districts more fair.

When it comes to Issue 2, the election was a close call until the very end. The issue was approved by 53 percent of Ohioans. This issue is going to keep people from being able to propose constitutional amendments that would benefit someone from creating monopolies, oligopolies or cartels. This issue was added by lawmakers who were concerned that Issue Three would give a monopoly to facilities that grow marijuana.

Issue 3 has been one that has been talked about for a while now. It would allow for the recreational use of marijuana in Ohio. The issue accompanies issue two, one that was created in fear of a monopoly being given to marijuana growing facilities. Issue 3 has officially been voted “No” by 65 percent of Ohioans. This means that marijuana will continue to be illegal in the state of Ohio.