Gallia County Races At A Glance

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The 2015 election results for Gallia County are in.

Addison Township Trustee was awarded to Mike E. Blaine with 183 votes. Charles E. Martin had 176 votes and Wayne E. Clonch had 142 votes.

Kathy P. Johnson was elected to Crown City Council with 80 votes. Her opponents Eddie Fulks and Brenda K. Saunders had votes of 74 and 57 votes respectively.

Paul D. Dillon received 83 votes to his opponent Sharon Rankin’s 61, electing Dillon to Crown City Village Clerk.

The Gallia County Fairgrounds Levy did not pass with 4,726 votes against the measure and 3,936 votes in favor.

The Gallia County Board of Education had the following results: John Davis II – 868 votes, Terry Halley – 1,439 votes, Beth James – 1,417 votes, Brent Schultz – 1,334 votes, and Billy Swain – 1,215 votes.

The Gallipolis Board of Education had the following results: Robert Cornwell – 1,689 votes, John O’Brian – 2,026 votes, Amee K. Rees – 2,574 votes, and Morgan Saunders – 1,711 votes.

For the Gallipolis City Commission: Michael Brown – 291 votes, Michael Fulks – 495 votes, and Steven Wallis – 393 votes. Gallipolis Twp. Trustee: Lloyd Danner had 797 votes and Steven Marxen had 359 votes. Gallipolis Twp. Fiscal Officer: Debrah Lynn Bartels had 119 votes and Brenda Lewis had 116 votes.

Greenfield Twp. Trustee: Randall Hammond had 141 votes to Bradley McCormick’s 95.

Guyan Twp. Fiscal Officer went to Debra O’Dell with 243 votes. Her opponent, Timothy Clary had 232 votes.

Guyan Twp. Trustee: Linda Caldwell – 142 votes, John Cardwell – 296 votes, Scott Ferguson – 214 votes, and Thomas Wright – 157 votes.

Harrison Twp. Trustee – Gallia County was awarded to Jack Slone who had 165 votes. His opponent, Kimberly Cade, had 110.

Huntington Twp. Trustee went to Brian Marcum with 189 votes. His opponent, Roger Meade, had 187 votes.

Morgan Twp. Fiscal Officer: Molly Hash had 231 votes to Robert Bence’s 114. Morgan Twp. Trustee went to Randall L. Adkins had 226 votes to Charles Smith’s 122.

Ohio Twp. Trustee went to Mike Waugh with 134 votes. His opponent, Raymond Gibson had 71 votes.

Perry Twp. Trustee went to John Ehman with 215 votes against his opponent, Bradley Davies’s 113.

The Rio Grande Village electric aggregation received 47 votes against the measure and 45 for.