OU Students Support #BlackLivesMatter Movement

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After a Black Lives Matter bulletin board was knocked down during Thanksgiving break in Sargent Hall, students decided to respond by making a Black Lives Matter mural on the graffiti wall yesterday evening.

Students began painting the wall at 5pm. The wall was painted all black with a fist, the symbol for the black lives matter movement. The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter was also added.

The resident assistant who made the bulletin board, Brittany Mitchell, says she wasn’t surprised the bulletin board got knocked down.

“Me and my boss were joking about it saying it wasn’t going to stay up long,” Mitchell said.

But, Mitchell said she’s appreciative of all the support she’s gotten.

“It’s almost been overwhelming a bit, like I’m surprised it made rounds that quickly. When I found out about it I was at home so I had no idea. My residents were sending me pictures, I was getting tagged in tweets, and everything, it was really awesome. I’m like really happy with the support that I’ve gotten so far,” Mitchell said.

Jalen Perkins, who organized the graffiti wall painting, said they won’t stop there.

“I think the next step would be to gather other student orgs on campus and unify everyone just to figure out how to handle racial injustice on campus. This is BSU’s personal response to it, and I think we need to figure out how to have other responses as a group in general and as individuals,” Perkins said.

Perkins is a part of the Black Student Union organization on campus.

It was confirmed that no other bulletin boards were knocked down on Mitchell’s floor that day. But, the board has been put back up and Mitchell is planning to have conversations with her residents about it.