Ohio Democratic Lawmakers to Discuss Their Economic Agenda

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Democratic state lawmakers are planing to discuss their economic agenda for Ohio to plan for the upcoming fiscal year.

Fred Strahorn, the House Democratic Leader of Dayton, is slated to join Senate Democratic Leader Joe Schiavoni, of Bordman, at a Wednesday morning news conference in Columbus. The Leaders will unveil a package of bills that are focused on bolstering Ohio’s economy and its middle class.

This agenda is not a new concept to Ohio Democrats, as Democrats in each chamber have previously called for boosting the state’s minimum wage.

It is unclear how many priorities of the democrats could be accomplished in the remaining year of the legislative session. Republicans still hold significant majorities in the House and Senate.

Ohio’s unemployment rate for December was 4.7 percent. That number has gone up from 4.5 percent in the month prior. However, it is still below the national rate of 5 percent.