Cop Fired After 137-Shot Barrage Says He Wants Back In Force

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CLEVELAND (AP) – A Cleveland police officer fired after a high-speed chase led to a 137-shot barrage that killed two unarmed black people says he wants to return to the force.

Six police officers were fired last month following the November 2012 chase and shooting.

The chase began when officers mistook a car backfiring for a gunshot. It ended in East Cleveland. Thirteen officers shot their guns, leaving Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams dead.

Former officer Freddy Diaz, who fired first, tells WJW that he doesn’t want to relive that night or think about it, but that it remains “embedded” in him.

City officials say Diaz was found guilty of administrative charges including failure to ask permission to join the pursuit.

The city wouldn’t comment on Diaz’s case as it’s being appealed.