AUDIO: Food Politics with Marion Nestle

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Marion Nestle is a consumer advocate, nutritionist, award-winning author, and academic who specializes in the politics of food and dietary choice. Her research examines scientific, economic, and social influences on food choice and obesity, with an emphasis on the influence of food industry marketing. Her books explore issues like the effects of food production on dietary intake, food safety, and access to food and nutrition.

Marion will be on campus tonight, March 21st, for a lecture and book signing, starting at 7:30 p.m. in the Templeton Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium. This is through The Kennedy Lecture Seriesn.
Admission is free, with the doors opening at 6:30 p.m.

WOUB has two separate interviews with Dr. Nestle, both featuring a specific facet of her work in nutrition and food politics.

First, “Conversations from Studio B” host, Kim Valentour, breaks down food politics to a community level and Dr. Nestle focuses on change, not at a governmental policy level, but through local government and community action. Ruth Dudding, Health Educator at the Athens City-County Health Department, is also a guest.

Secondly, Dr. Nicholas Mezitis, host of “Health Accents”, talks with Dr. Nestle about the personal effects of diet and how governmental policy, positively or negatively, helps to shape our nations diet.