Activists Pack License Hearing for Ohio Abortion Clinic

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Update 11:47 a.m.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – Anti-abortion activists have packed a hearing to determine the fate of an Ohio abortion clinic’s state license.

Women’s Medical Center of Dayton was making its case to a hearing examiner Tuesday that it has a plan to handle emergencies that meets Ohio law. A decision could take months.

State Health Director Rick Hodges has twice denied the facility’s applications for an exception to a state law requiring it to have a patient-transfer agreement with an area hospital for emergencies. One request identified two backup doctors for such cases; the latest identified three.

The executive director of Dayton Right to Life says abortion opponents have been fighting the unlicensed clinic for more than 15 years. She says they want it to operate under the same rules as other ambulatory care facilities.


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – Operators of a Dayton abortion clinic are fighting to keep their license after being denied an exception to state rules requiring the facility to have an emergency patient transfer agreement with a hospital.

The city’s lone clinic has sought a variance from state health officials since 2012. Health Director Rick Hodges denied a request last year. He said the center’s two backup doctors weren’t enough to provide 24-hour emergency coverage to patients.

A subsequent variance request adding a third doctor was denied in September. A license revocation hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

About half of Ohio’s abortion clinics have closed as state lawmakers have passed a series of restrictions to their operations. A federal judge has said the center can remain open while it fights to keep its license.