Ohio Senate Debating Pet Sales Bill

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The Ohio Senate is debating what to do with an amendment about local control over pet sales that’s attached to a tax bill.

The ASPCA’s Vicki Deisner says the amendment would take away a community’s authority to ban sales of some dogs in pet stores, as Grove City and Toledo have done.

“By preferring a pet store ordinance that allows pet suppliers to still function but function by using the humane method,” she said.

Deisner supports offering only dogs from rescue or humane organizations. Petland’s Elizabeth Kunzleman supports the amendment.

“We have 17 pet stores in Ohio and nearly 500 Ohio employees. We cannot operate a business with 17 sets of rules. It doesn’t make sense,” Kunzleman said.

A vote on the amendment was delayed last week. Some lawmakers say they think the issue deserves to be debated as stand-alone legislation.