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Video of the Day: Dancing Peacock Spiders

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Scientists in Australia have discovered seven new species of peacock spiders across Australia’s southern coast.

The tiny spiders are known for their stunning colors, cute teddy bear like appearance, and elaborate mating rituals.

Just a fraction of an inch long, the Australian peacock spider dances to attract a mate.

These spiders live in the scrub and bushland across southern Australia.

Sydney biologist, Dr Jurgen Otto along with a colleague, David Knowles, has just discovered 7 new species of the spider – they say there are now 48 confirmed species within the Maratus genus.

Otto has been photographing the spiders for many years, sharing his work on YouTube and Facebook, in the hope of educating the public about the true nature of spiders.

Just like their much larger peacock namesake, these spiders pull out some incredible moves to fascinate the females.

Knowles is an insect photographer and runs an education business dedicated to invertebrates called Spineless Wonders.

He helped Otto discover some of the new species.