Quinnipiac Poll: Trump, Clinton Race in Ohio A ‘Dead Heat’

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The race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in Ohio is a dead heat, according to the latest Quinnipiac poll, and a lot of people are feeling a lot less enthusiastic about this election than ones in the past.

Trump’s slight lead over Clinton in the days after he clinched the GOP nomination has faded, thanks largely to likely women-voters moving to Clinton, 48—31 percent. Trump continues to lead with white voters, independent voters and especially among men and Republicans. Clinton dominates with Democrats and nonwhite voters.

But 43 percent of the Ohio voters say they’re less enthusiastic than they have been in past presidential elections; only 30 percent say they’re more charged up. And nearly half of those surveyed continue to give both candidates strongly unfavorable ratings.

Voters give Clinton the edge on most international issues, immigration, intelligence and preparedness to be president. Trump gets the advantage on jobs, trustworthiness being inspiring and leadership. And voters say they’re more likely to want him at their backyard barbeque, but want her to come to their aid in a personal crisis.