“Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll

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This audiobook uses the unabridged version of this story taken from the Project Gutenberg site. You can view or download the text here.

Presented by WOUB Public Media
Narrated and Directed by Karen M. Chan

Davis Bosley as Alice, Patricia G. Elisar as The Red Queen;
Bob Winters as The White King *This production is dedicated in memory of Patricia G. Elisar & Robert (Bob) Winters*

Executive Producer: Thomas S. Hodson

Coordinating Producer: Adam Rich
ssociate Producers: David Kurz, Mark Brewer, Tim Myers, Kyle Snyder, Mark Robinson &

Audio Engineers & Sound Effects: Adam Rich, Ryan Dyson, Mike Petruccelli, Mark Speer, Ovis Means, Chris Polczinski, Joshua Mocniak, Andrew Montesano, Elliot Nicholson

Illustrator: Kit DeBerry

My Heart and Lute, A Ballad, by Thomas Moore ESQ.R Music by Henry R. Bishop with Celtic Harp played by Celia Hollander Lewis

Alice Davis Bosley
White Queen/Sheep/Daisy 2 Karen M. Chan
White King Robert Winters
Red Queen Patricia G. Elisar
White Knight Damiano Cinque
Red Knight Gary Molina
Humpty Dumpty Joe Balding
Tweedle Dee/Walrus/Oyster Christian T. Chan
Tweedle Dum/Carpenter/Oyster Mark Robinson
Unicorn Jim Parsons
Messenger/Haigha Larry Witmer
Hatta Sam Witmer
Tiger Lilly/Chorus Emily Prince
Rose/Chorus Kit DeBerry
Daisy/Larkspur/Chorus Tamara Young Winters
Violet Olga Gutierrez
Guard /Chorus David K. Bonewit
Beetle/Creature Raymond Matthews
Hoarse Voice Walter Chavez
Gnat David Whealey
Gentlemen/Chorus David Kurz
Fawn Jessica Street
Frog Timothy Aranyos, Jr.
Chorus Christine Sagar Aranyos
Shrill Voice Rochelle Reamy
Pudding Sylvia Abbott
Insect Chorus: Celeste Parsons (Leader)
Joe Balding        Cecilia Rinaldi
Jim Parsons       Rochelle Reamy

Through the Looking Glass