Greg Windham Confident Heading Into First Start

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Heading into his first collegiate start, Greg Windham is confident and he is not afraid of letting people know about it.

When Ohio plays Texas State this Saturday at 3:30 p.m. in Athens at Peden Stadium, Windham, who has seen action before but not taken the first snap, won’t be afraid.

“I’m very confident in my game,” Windham said. “My confidence comes from my father, he put it in my head at a young age to always be confident.”

Windham not only has confidence in himself, but Ohio coach Frank Solich said during Monday’s press conference that he is confident in his quarterback and has faith that he will run Ohio’s offense rather than Greg Windham’s offense.

While this will be Windham’s first start during his time at Ohio, why wouldn’t he be confident? Windham has a plethora of experienced skill players to throw the ball too such as senior wide receiver Sebastian Smith (who is just 19 receptions away from being sixth all-time in catches for Ohio), redshirt senior Jordan Reid, redshirt junior Brendan Cope and junior running back AJ Ouellette.

“My teammates have been great in having my back and being supportive of me taking over as quarterback,” Windham said. “Without them and my coaches none of this would be possible.”

In addition to having good players around him, Windham also has a coaching staff that has been together since Solich came on campus. It will be interesting to see how offensive coordinator Tim Albin opens up the play book for the confident quarterback.

Saturday also has some history behind it. Texas State’s nickname is also “The Bobcats” and it will be the first time in Division One history that there has been a Bobcat vs. Bobcat matchup.

One thing is for certain, Greg Windham is going to do everything he can to make sure his Bobcats are the winning Bobcats.