New Wave Of Heroin Overdoses Hits Ohio City

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AKRON, Ohio (AP) – An Ohio city is experiencing a new spike in deadly heroin overdoses.

Authorities say at least eight deaths this weekend in the Akron area could be from overdoses. The Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office is investigating.

There have also been dozens of other confirmed or possible overdoses. Police say a man was seriously burned after crashing his truck after a suspected overdose. Emergency personnel responded to apparent overdoses in restaurant drive-thrus, sidewalks and homes around the city.

Authorities suspect that the heroin responsible was laced with the painkiller fentanyl or the powerful animal tranquilizer carfentanil.

Akron police said there more than 90 overdoses and eight deaths during a July overdose spike. Carfentanil was found syringes used by some casualties of the July spike.