A wide range of classes are being provided this fall at the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio. (

Decorative Arts Center Kick Starts Annual Fall Classes

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Classes for the fall session are officially underway at the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio, located in the city of Lancaster. Each year, the center offers a variety for classes for all ages, backed by the support of organizations such as the Ohio Arts Council and the Ohio Board of Tourism, among others.

In addition to class offerings, the center also operates as a museum, featuring exhibitions showcasing Ohio’s history as well as guided tours and a museum shop. Operations of the museum and arts center are overseen by a number of passionate and dedicated employees under the direction of co-directors Trisha Clifford-Sprouse and Elizabeth Brown.

“Art is important in any place and culture. Art, in all its forms, tells the story of its people. The arts are the components of our lives that remain long after a person is gone,” said Clifford-Sprouse, an OU alumni who has worked with the center for nearly two decades. “They are the remembrances of our story. Our paintings, sculptures, and photos tell about our passion, tragedies, faith, love, and losses.”

Class offerings are tailored to different age groups, including children in grades K-8, teens and adults, and some classes open to all ages with discounted fees offered for members. Available for children in grades two through five this fall is a soap making and packaging class; a two-day instructional on the history of soap making in Ohio. On the second day students will be provided the opportunity to make and package their own soap. Classes range from $18 to $20 for members and non-members, respectively.

Courses available for teens and adults include fiber arts, basic beading, watercolor painting and a writing workshop featuring a lecture by award-winning children’s author Tracey Dils. Classes run from $8 to $52 with discounts for members.

Programs welcoming to all ages will be comprised of mural painting, papier-mâché and Christmas ornament making, among others. Prices vary from $13 to $20 with members discounted. The mural painting class, which will take place on Dec. 3, is free to all ages. Other class sets include lessons for junior high and high school students as well as home-schooled students. All courses typically run from two to six weeks.

Clifford-Sprouse offered that class size usually runs from seven to eighteen students, with small class sizes tailored for more intimate and individual instruction. Supplies for children are provided, while adult students will be given supply lists.

“We have seen an interest in Saturday classes decline as youth are becoming more involved in multiple activities. As a result, we are launching a newly designed program in January of 2017,” said Clifford-Sprouse. “This program is going to include Saturday D.I.Y. lectures and workshops for adults, more intense classes that go more in depth in art techniques, theory, and exploration for children and adults.”

In addition to targeted age groups, specialized classes are offered for groups such as the developmentally disabled, domestic violence survivors, social service organizations and former addicts in recovery.

“It is our vision to enrich the human experience through the arts with inspiration, passion, and imagination,” Clifford-Sprouse said.

Details for memberships can be found on the website. Questions and concerns should be fielded to Volunteers and Community Relations expert Judith Oppenheimer at