Nearly A Dozen OU Students Questioned In Drug Investigation

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Prior to the start of the Halloween Block Party this weekend in Athens, a drug investigation involving students netted drug seizures and one arrest so far.

Lucas Meehan
Lucas Meehan

The Athens County Prosecutor’s Office spent the week conducting an undercover investigation “into the use and sale of cocaine and molly on the campus of Ohio University,” according to a press release from the office.

Molly is another name for ecstasy.

“During the late night/early morning hours of Thursday and Friday, the Prosecutor’s Office questioned 12 individuals, 11 of which are Ohio University students regarding cocaine and molly,” the release stated.

Three homes were searched, and investigators said evidence of drug trafficking was discovered in all three homes, while cocaine was recovered in two homes.

“During the course of this quick investigation, it became apparent that many involved were unaware that allowing someone to use drugs in your home is a misdemeanor, and allowing someone to sell drugs in your home is a felony,” Prosecutor Keller Blackburn stated in the release.

Lucas Meehan was arrested in Fairfield County by the prosecutor’s office’s chief investigator, Jay Barrett, with the assistance of deputies from the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office. Meehan is charged with trafficking in cocaine.

According to a Facebook page, Meehan studied Healthcare Administration at OU.

Investigators  from the prosecutor’s office and the Athens Police Department executed search warrants at Meehan’s Athens address after 5 a.m. Friday morning, according to the release.

“A white substance, believed to be cocaine, over the threshold of a first-degree felony, was discovered,” the release stated. A BMW and an undisclosed amount of cash were also seized.

Charges will be processed at a later date against multiple individuals, the release stated.