Carter and Batts Explain the Direction of the Scripps Howard Foundation

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Liz Carter is the CEO of the Scripps Howard Foundation and Dr. Battinto Batts is the director of the Journalism Fund. Both recently visited Ohio University and the Scripps College of Communication for the annual Scripps Day.

The Scripps Howard Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the E. W. Scripps Company.

Both Carter and Batts are relatively new to the foundation. Carter took charge as CEO in January 2015 and Batts joined shortly thereafter. Carter came to the foundation from another non-profit position while Batts joined from Hampton University, a communication program supported by the foundation.

The Scripps Howard Foundation has long been a supporter of Ohio University programs. For over three decades the foundation has given financially to support the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism and later the Scripps College of Communication.

The foundation also gives money to several other schools of journalism and communication programs across the country as well as sponsoring the National Journalism Awards – giving prizes annually for top-flight professional journalistic efforts.

The foundation also supports educational and cultural programs in cities where the Scripps Corporation has business interests. Today, Scripps operates approximately 34 television and 34 radio stations.

The foundation funds the Scripps Innovation Challenge at Ohio University. This is the fifth year for the contest that gives cash awards to student groups who solve real-world media and communication problems. The awards are given in March of each year.

It is the intent of the foundation to reward innovative and entrepreneurial media programs, according to Batts. He indicates that change is mandated and must be financially incentivized.