Athena Cinema To Host Evening Of Ikhbayar Urchuud’s Films

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The Athens Center for Film + Video presents The Will to Art, an evening of films by Artist in Residence Ikhbayar Urchuud, at the Athena Cinema, Thursday, Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. This event is free and open to the public, sponsored by CEC Artslink and the Athens International Film + Video Festival.

Mongolian filmmaker Ikhbayar Urchuud addresses issues of contemporary Mongolian society through his cinematic vision. His recent feature documentary, Uran Khas (The Will to Art), is an observation of the lives and resurgent shamanist interests of featured contemporary Mongolian artists. The film was presented during the 2015 Berlinale Talents master class.

Alongside this feature film, Urchuud will present two short films, including the world premiere of his newest work completed during his stay in Athens.

Urchuud came to the Athens International Film + Video Festival as part of the highly competitive CEC ArtsLink program, which promotes international communication and understanding through collaborative, innovative arts projects for mutual benefit. The program encourages the exchange of visual and performing artists and cultural managers in the United States and 37 countries overseas.

Founder of the Golden Reel Underground Film Festival (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia), Urchuud’s involvement in the first generation of post-Communist era Mongolians exploring and building their identity is through the lens of arthouse and experimental cinema.

“Most filmmakers want glory, they want to become famous, which generally requires the making of narrative film projects, but my purpose in organizing an experimental film festival, was to encourage filmmakers to expand their filmic language,” said Urchuud.

A squarely 21st century Mongolian, Urchuud is a college educated genetic engineer, who worked in television and commercial video production and claims iconic American experimental filmmakers Stan Brahkage, Bruce Connor and Hollis Frampton as artistic influences. His increased connection to the international film community has played its part in his development, as much as his childhood watching films of all kinds with his father.

Tickets for the 7 p.m. screening are free, but the public is encouraged to arrive early since there are a limited number of seats available.