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Dr. Steve Howard Writes a New Book about Modern Muslims in Africa

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Dr. Steve Howard, director of the Ohio University Center for International Studies and professor in the School of Media Arts and Studies, just released a new book Modern Muslims, A Sudan Memoir published by the Ohio University Press.

Howard, in the early 1980’s, joined and lived with the Republican Brotherhood, a Sufi Muslim group, for three years.

This Muslim group advocated equality for women. It also is a modernist non-violent Islamic movement.

The new book gives insights into modern Islam and African history and tells the story of the group from the inside out. He discusses the book with WOUB.

Howard is a sociologist and worked all over the African Continent. He also directed the Ohio University African Studies Program for 25 years.

Reception will be held for Dr. Howard on Tuesday, November 15, 6-8 p.m. in Schoonover Center Room 450. He will be available for book signings.