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Ohio Has Chance to Win MAC East at Central Michigan

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Ohio has had many injuries on both sides of the ball, and Bobcat coach Frank Solich has been quoted numerous times that Ohio needed this bye week to freshen everybody up.

“I’ve said a couple times that going through that kind of a schedule without a break is tough on your football team.” Solich said. “It is tough to do, to go through that many games with having guys missing weeks and having guys that are playing banged up. You have to make sure you use the off week well, in terms of recuperating and not losing momentum.”

Ohio (7-3) will take on Central Michigan (5-5) tonight Kelly/Shorts Stadium in Mount Pleasant Michigan. Ohio has a chance to only lose one game in the Mid-American Conference and the Bobcats only have two MAC opponents left on their schedule who are both at the .500 mark.

But the Bobcats have their sights on something different. If Ohio beats the Chippewas tonight, they will win the MAC East and have an automatic bid to the MAC Championship game in Detroit.

Solich has been in Athens since 2005 and has been searching for that elusive MAC Championship since he has gotten on campus. He has had solid teams and has been to numerous bowl games, but has not won the championship game in Detroit.

“It becomes important if you don’t win to you overall record and your conference record,” Solich said. “So they are all critical games. There is never a break, especially in the MAC. We won’t have to dial our players up or lower their thoughts in terms of flying off and thinking of things that aren’t there yet. Winning this game will clinch it and that’s great. There are a lot of reasons to win this game and we will play for all of those reason.”

So how will Ohio prepare for such a big game like this? Quinton Maxwell is the starting quarterback of this team and has done a decent job taken over the reins from Greg Windham. But This will be by far his toughest test.

Having this game being road game will put a lot of pressure on Maxwell, the type of pressure that the young quarterback has yet to experience. The dual threat quarterback will have to use his arm and his legs to help boost Ohio to a MAC Championship.

“I think he (Maxwell) is getting more accurate on some throws.” Solich Said. “He hit some deep throws here in this last football game that were critical to give us some separation. He is continuing to show his ability to scramble. He made a first down or two during critical times. He is a big and strong and all of that adds to his favor in terms of being able to stand in the pocket, see receivers, pick them out and even scramble when he has to.”

Solich also mentioned that Greg Windham is still progressing from his injury and is coming along. Kick-off is at 7 p.m. Tuesday and this is a chance for Quinton Maxwell to show the entire MAC what he is made of.