Uber-Like Service for Rural America Being Launched by Valerie Lefler

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Valerie Lefler is a young entrepreneur and innovator. Nationally, she is launching an “Uber-like” service for rural American that works together with existing transportation services and supplements options for rural residents.

Lefler is the Chief Executive Officer of Liberty Mobility Now, Inc. – currently headquartered in Nebraska. The demand for her services has exploded over the past year.

She currently is crisscrossing the country. She recently visited Ohio to assess the viability of bringing her services to this region. She met with groups, non-profits and governmental units who are planning the future of public transportation in this area.

Lefler offers a service that can provide 24 hour vehicle service using independent contractor drivers who have passed rigorous security checks. Their vehicles also meet critical standards for safety.

While visiting, Lefler took time to talk with SPECTRUM’s Tom Hodson about her company and her service.

There is considerable interest in transportation in rural regions as it relates to health, work opportunities, child care and quality of life for seniors, according to Lefler. Her service does not replace existing public transportation but it supplements it, thereby giving people additional options.

Currently, about 30 percent of the U.S. population lives in rural area and small towns. And, 40 percent of that population currently has no access to public transportation.

Lefler’s company was recently featured in a major article in The Atlantic. It was noted for its innovation.