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Primary Care Physicians are on the Front Line of Battle Against COVID-19

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While we concentrate on medical pandemic experts and public health officials for prognostications about the Coronavirus pandemic, primary care physicians are often on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19. They frequently go unnoticed by the pundits and the policymakers. They are the “unsung heroes” of this fight, says Dr. Kenneth H. Johnson, the Executive… Read More

Black Pioneers Helped Settle the Northwest Territory Long Before Civil War

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Long before the Civil War and the Underground Railroad, “free people of color” were instrumental in settling the Northwest Territory as Americans pushed West after the Revolutionary War. Dr. Anna-Lisa Cox, an award-winning historian on the history of racism and race relations in 19th Century America, has discovered hundreds of Black families who came West,… Read More

NYT Reporter Explains Covering Climate Change in the Age of Trump

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Lisa Friedman, a veteran reporter about climate change and environmental policy, says that covering climate change issues during the Trump administration has been a real challenge. “I often feel like I’m just writing the obituaries for environmental and climate change policies,” she added. Friedman notes that the Trump Administration has spent the bulk of the… Read More