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The rise of racism, replacement theory and the growing fear in Black Americans

Posted on: A recent Washington Post-Ipsos poll conducted after the killing of 10 blacks in Buffalo in a racially motivated shooting spree indicates that 75 percent of Black Americans “are worried that they or someone they love will be attacked because of their race.” In addition, after the attack, “only 10 percent think the problem of… Read More

Comic Storytelling in journalism: a new trend for new consumers

Posted on: The terms “comic storytelling” and “journalism” may sound a bit discordant to the average news consumer. Yet, “comic storytelling in journalism” is rapidly becoming a growing trend to get younger eyes on the news products of mainstream media. It is the marriage of drawn images and text to tell serious stories in a series… Read More

Lewis Black discusses his comedy of rage and the importance of education

Posted on: Veteran comedian Lewis Black is on the road with his “Off the Rails” tour. While traveling, he took some time to have a conversation with Spectrum’s guest host Emily Votaw of WOUB. They talked about his philosophy of comedy, the importance of education in our society and his work with the Kurt Vonnegut Library… Read More

Black perspectives examined over Will Smith hitting Chris Rock at the Oscars

Posted on: Given the current controversy over the incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars, WOUB’s Spectrum Podcast wanted to get the perspectives on the issue from two notable black women. Recently, we met with journalist, scholar, and author Dr. Janice Collins and path-setting jurist Judge Gayle Williams Byers for their perspectives They… Read More

Demographics Can Shape the World and Contribute to Conflicts

Posted on: Policymakers, leaders, and corporate heads need to look at the world through a “population lens,” according to Dr. Jennifer Sciubba, an international expert on political demography and demographic security. Sciubba is an author, associate professor at Rhodes College and a Global Fellow at the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C. Her latest book, is “8… Read More

Local television newscasts become more popular as other media sinks in ratings

Posted on:   While other news media are fading in popularity, local television news programming is gaining popularity across the country. Newspaper staffs have been gutted and cable and network news have been staggering but local news is hiring more people and is becoming more popular than ever, according to Lesley Van Ness, Director of Talent… Read More

Healthcare personnel crisis looming with shortage of doctors/nurses

Posted on: In just over a decade, America will face a shortage of up to 124,000 doctors and 200,000 nurses will need to be hired each year, according to the American Hospital Association. Overall, there will be a 3.2 million shortage of healthcare workers by 2026, according to a white paper presented by Some of… Read More

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Shake off the “Winter Blues” and kick the “February Doldrums” at work

Posted on: Author, career counselor, podcast host and executive coach Beverly Jones explains to WOUB’s Spectrum Podcast how we can chase away the “Winter Blues” and shake ourselves out of those “February Doldrums” at work. She gives us tips on how we can improve of emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing during these dull days of isolation… Read More

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Dr. Janice Collins, author, journalist, & educator talks student empowerment

Posted on:   Dr. Janice Marie Collins is an author, journalist, documentarian, educator, and humanitarian. Her most recent book is Teaching Without Borders: Creating Equity, and Inclusion with Active Centralized Empowerment (ACE). She also authored, 250 Years and Still a Slave. Dr. Collins says that people, and especially students, can feel marginalized, trapped, and enslaved through… Read More

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‘QKatie’ gives update on her book “Cheese, Wine, and Bread” and its success.

Posted on: Author, food journalist, content creator and social media celebrity Katie Quinn just finished her first personal book tour in the United States to promote her book “Cheese, Wine, and Bread: Discovering The Magic of Fermentation in England, Italy, and France.” She recently spent time in Manhattan and made some personal appearances in the Midwest… Read More

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Earl Johnson helps people find comfort after trauma and gives us his insight

Posted on:   Earl Johnson trained as a pastor at Yale’s Divinity School, worked for anthropologist Margaret Mead in African and observed firsthand violence in London and in Jerusalem. He then returned to a church in Columbia, Missouri but was restless. He then made major life decisions. He took a sabbatical from his church, came out… Read More

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“Joe Nuxhall: The Old Lefthander and Me” delivers pitcher/broadcaster’s insights

Posted on:   Joe Nuxhall was a famous pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds. He also was a highly popular broadcaster for the club for over four decades. Radio fans loved him for his colorful stories about his career and the game he loved. He was the youngest pitcher ever to pitch in a major league game… Read More

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Washington gridlock is likely to continue as Trump’s GOP power grows stronger

Posted on:     Former President Donald Trump’s power over the GOP is not waning, instead it is growing stronger. Trump’s influence surges as Democrats and President Joseph Biden tries to find ways to push their agenda through a gridlocked Congress, according to Philip Elliott, Washington correspondent for TIME and author of TIME’s weekday newsletter “The… Read More

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The impacts of the Rittenhouse acquittals are analyzed by a judge and legal analyst

Posted on: Judge Gayle Williams Byers, a black female judge in Northeastern Ohio, and Tom Hodson, Spectrum host and legal analyst, break down the impact of the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittals on the judicial system, on the black community and on the future of peaceful protest. While both respect the sanctity of the jury’s verdicts, they highlight… Read More

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Career coach, author, podcaster Beverly Jones touts being ‘Happy at Work.’

Posted on: While many of us have been mired in malaise about our careers during the COVID-19 pandemic, executive coach, career consultant and author Beverly Jones tells us how we can “Find our Happy at Work” in a new book that helps us get unstuck, move past boredom, and discover fulfillment. Jones, in short pithy chapters,… Read More

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“Positively No Outlet” – a Podcast that highlights small town Americans

Posted on:   Dr. George Wood is an educator, a former school administrator, a writer, and a podcaster. He also is a resident of small town Amesville, Ohio. Just before the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, he retired from a lifetime in education, and he found himself restless and looking for something meaningful to do. After… Read More

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Conspiracy Theories Thrive as Journalism is on Life-Support Says Media Expert

Posted on: Conspiracy theories have grown and continue to multiply as newsrooms downsize and more people rely on social media to fill the void.   This is the belief of Dr. Michael Bugeja, distinguished professor of liberal arts and sciences at the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication at Iowa State University.   “Journalism is not… Read More

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Climate Change Policies Have Seen Great Change in Biden’s First 100 Days

Posted on:   The Biden Administration has targeted climate change as a priority in its first 100 days. It is unraveling four years of President Donald Trump’s deregulation and laisse-faire attitude toward the environment. Rarely have we seen so much change so quickly, says Dr. Geoffrey Dabelko, professor and associate dean at the Voinovich School… Read More

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Black Female Lawyer Eunice Hunton Carter Blazed Trails for Social Justice

Posted on:

Eunice Hunton Carter and her family were “unsung heroes” in social justice movements in the early 20th Century and now her life is brought into focus by a new biography, “Eunice Hunton Carter: A Lifelong Fight for Social Justice,” published by the Fordham University Press. Co-Author and noted biographer Marilyn Greenwald highlights the many accomplishments… Read More