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EPA Regulation Rollbacks are ‘Really Alarming’ says Health Science Expert

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Some 70 environmental regulations have been rolled back by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) since the beginning of the Trump Administration. And, Dr. Michele Morrone, professor of Environmental Health Science at Ohio University finds this to be “really alarming.” She claims that these rollbacks are exposing citizens, especially in Appalachia and other poverty stricken… Read More

Trump Treats Diplomacy and “Intelligence” Like Reality TV: Says Security Expert

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David Crane has dedicated his professional life to intelligence and security issues both nationally and internationally. He has a long history of service and has risked his life for his country. But, at this point, he is extremely concerned about how President Trump in handling intelligence and security issues. Crane says that Trump ignores or… Read More

Trump’s Assaults against News Media are Heightening Security Concerns

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The incessant drumbeat of news media criticism by President Donald J. Trump is causing some major concerns among the press and First Amendment advocates, according to veteran, award-winning journalist Andrew Alexander. Alexander is a former Washington Post ombudsman, a former Washington Bureau chief for Cox Newspapers and an award winning veteran journalist with more than… Read More

NASA is Reaching Out to Promote and Increase Contracts with Small Businesses

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Last year, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) spent nearly $5.5 billion dollars on contracts related to small businesses. Some $2.7 billion or 16.5 percent of total procurements involved direct contracts between small businesses and NASA. Another $2.8 of contracts were subcontracts with small businesses — contracts between small business and large prime contractors… Read More