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NPR National Security Editor Assesses Trump’s Recent Trip & Other Policy Matters

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The pomp, pageantry, and elaborate ceremonies honoring President Donald Trump on his recent Far East trip met the White House expectations for presidential optics and the perception of exalting the U.S. President. However, many observers wonder if President Trump actually made much headway in negotiating new trade agreements or getting additional help in solving the… Read More

Pres. Trump Favors Russia’s Putin While Trashing the USA Intelligence Team

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While traveling on Air Force One this week in Asia, President Trump lamented the fact that Russia’s Vladimir Putin is insulted by United States accusations that Russia meddled in the 2016 Presidential election. Trump contended that Putin’s bruised feelings would prevent him from making “deals” with the US concerning Syria and North Korea. The President… Read More

Science TV is Exploding on North Carolina Public Television Due to Frank Graff

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North Carolina Science Now is a statewide public television series that also is multimedia. It explains scientific discoveries, research, and principles using ordinary language that is understandable. Not only are the stories long-form news features on UNC-TV but they truly are multimedia. Frank Graff, a veteran of more than two decades of local television news… Read More

White House Minimizes While Congress Ducks Latest Trump-Russia Legal Action

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After two 12 count indictments were issued against former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort and his deputy Rick Gates, a guilty plea of a Trump Campaign security advisor was unveiled on Monday. Washington DC was buzzing with strategizing, gossiping, and worrying. George Papadopolous, part of the Trump Security Group, admitted to communicating with Russians who… Read More

Career Tips and Advice for all Stages and All Ages – Provided by a Career Coach

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Each stage of a career-early, mid-career, and retirement bring unique problems and issues that are addressed specifically by career consultant Beverly Jones. Jones is an attorney, an executive coach, an author, a blogger and a podcaster. She works with people at all stages of their careers to help them traverse the ever-changing landscapes of the… Read More

The “Gig Economy” Grows in the USA Says Visiting Italian Journalist

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Lidia Catalano is a multimedia journalist from Turin, Italy visiting this country to examine the growth of alternative work arrangements. Her primary observation is that this segment of our economy is growing beyond expectations. Alternative work arrangements take many forms such as hiring temporary, on-call and independent contract workers. It also includes freelancers and some… Read More