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The Tangled Trump-Russia Web Ensnares as Attorney Cohen’s Story Unfolds

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As if the tangled and muddled web of potential Russian collusion and conspiracy with Americans to interfere in the 2016 Presidential Election was not confusing enough, we now have the activities of President Trump’s former attorney and “fixer” Michael Cohen to further complicate matters. Philip Ewing, security editor for National Public Radio (NPR) in Washington,… Read More

Investigative Reporting Hits the Grassroots through Non-profit Journalism

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Investigative journalism is not the sole province of only big-city newspapers like the “New York Times” or the “Washington Post.” Instead, it is starting to flourish at the grassroots level through the assistance of the Institute for Non-Profit News (INN), a collective of over 100 non-profit news organizations across the country. The groups are committed… Read More

Award-winning Journalist Studies Today’s Climate Change by Looking at the Past

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Andrew Revkin has spent his professional career covering environmental issues and writing about them contemporaneously. However, his most recent book, just published in May 2018, tracks climate change by looking at 100 historical events that help explain today’s climate debate. The book is “Weather: An Illustrated History: From Cloud Atlases to Climate Change” published by… Read More

What Does It Mean to be a “Progressive” in Today’s Political Landscape?

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The term “liberal” seems to be fading from the political lexicon. Instead, daily, we, as voters, are bombarded with the term “progressive.” We constantly hear of progressive versus mainstream candidates. It was really apparent in the 2016 primary with Sen. Bernie Sanders challenging Hillary Clinton. But “progressivism” also has seemed to invade state elections and… Read More

Artificial Intelligence: Is it Biased in Law Enforcement & Court Usage?

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Artificial Intelligence quickly is becoming a greater part of our lives. Algorithms already trace our digital footprints and routinely send us targeted advertising and social media content compatible with our views. AI checks our credit scores and approves/disapproves us for loans and mortgages. It also is being used to predict behaviors – especially by law… Read More