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“A Presidential Election Like No Other” Says Veteran TIME Correspondent

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With the COVID-19 pandemic plus racial turmoil across the nation, we are facing a Presidential Campaign and election like no other, says Philip Elliott, veteran Washington reporter and TIME’S Washington correspondent.

As Public Health issues, the economy and racial inequities take center stage in this Presidential election year, an onslaught of books and media revelations have further complicated and muddled this election cycle, according to Elliott.

Just recently there has been the publication of journalist Bob Woodward’s book “Rage” and the accompanying recordings about President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus threat, the military and foreign policy.

Then there is the new book by Andrew Weissman disclosing political interference with Robert Mueller’s investigation of President Trump.

The New York Times has unveiled an in-depth look at Trump’s tax records for multiple years showing he has either paid no or very little federal income tax for decades.

Add to all of that, we have foreign interests continuing to meddle in our elections through sophisticated disinformation campaigns.

Polls are being questioned based on 2016 results and as a result no one feels they have a grasp on what is really happening with voters, Elliott noted.

Also, the campaign season has been shortened by “early voting’ in many states, which means that many voters are deciding earlier than ever who to vote for or against.

All of this leads to a mish-mash of election coverage with tides changing and new issues arising multiple times each day. It is difficult, if not impossible, for the average person to keep up with the news and all the changing developments.

In short, this election season seems to be far more chaotic than usual, Elliott says.

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