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“Positively No Outlet” – a Podcast that highlights small town Americans

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Dr. George Wood is an educator, a former school administrator, a writer, and a podcaster. He also is a resident of small town Amesville, Ohio.

Just before the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, he retired from a lifetime in education, and he found himself restless and looking for something meaningful to do.

After conversations with his wife, he took off on a two-month 7,500 trip through the Midwest. He started his journey as a trout fishing trip but ended up spending much more time talking to people in the small towns that he visited.

He had two rules…he would not eat in a national chain restaurant and he would avoid driving on Interstates as much as possible.

Therefore, he spent his time on the backroads of the Midwest, eating in small town diners, and talking with fascinating people.

At night, he would go back to his small travel trailer and write about the conversations that he had and about the pride people took in their hometowns.

When he meandered back to Ohio, he started writing stories about these small forgotten towns and the interesting people who inhabit them.

He joined with two colleagues and turned the stories into a new podcast called “Positively No Outlet.”

He describes the podcast as: “Stories from Unplugged America – Our goal is to bring you stories from rural America — from the fly-over places that are far from the hot light of the national media. Stories of ordinary people doing ordinary and sometimes extraordinary things.”

Dr. Wood has now embarked on more trips. This time to the South. He hopes to continue his small-town storytelling and even expanding his podcast’s breadth.

Currently, you may find “Positively No Outlet” on one of your favorites podcast outlets.