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Trump cases’ legal terms are translated to plain English by two former judges.

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Too often legal terms are used, without definitions, by the news media while covering cases involving former President Donald J. Trump. This leads to public misinformation, misunderstanding and confusion.

Periodically, this season, WOUB’s Spectrum podcast will endeavor to translate these key terms and procedures into understandable language so that the average person can keep up with the legal proceedings.

Retired judge and legal analyst Judge Gayle Williams-Byers along with retired judge and Spectrum host Tom Hodson will translate legalese into bite-sized digestible terms by using examples that everyone can understand.

These episodes will explain what is happening in Trump’s cases from a judge’s perspective instead of from the viewpoint of the parties. If you listen, you will be able to follow the cases better and understand more.

In this episode, Judge Byers and Hodson delve into “gag orders” – why they’re issued –how they’re structured– what they really mean – and how they are enforced.

They talk about the difference between the state gag order in Trump’s New York civil fraud case and the one in the federal criminal election interference case in Washington, D.C.

Listen and learn about gag orders and the impact they may have on trials to come.